I’m always down to answer questions. So…..I decided to field questions about any and everything on Facebook/Twitter. If you want your question in the next few posts , tweet me  or shoot me an email (The Rob Report @Gmail dot com). You can also click the little bubble thing up there and comment too. Lets get into it……

Do you ever sniff your socks when you take then off ?sent by Dominique

How gross.

Yes , occasionally. And it smells like collard greens and despair. I don’t know what possesses me to do the nasty shit…But I do it. You do it too. ALL OF YOU!

As a darker man living in a society where the women’s love the nilla pie complected man. How do you pull the hoes??? – sent by Gerard

First off , he said hoes. NOT ME!

When I was like 15 , I was on the bus home from HS. These girls kept glancing at me and giggling. I thought nothing of it….cause I was ugly. Not “LOL” ugly….like…ugly (No I wont be showing you any pics!). So a few mins pass and I hear one of the girls say LOUDLY….

“He’s cute but he’s REALLY dark.”

Lowkey , this shit bothered me. Never thought my skin tone made a difference. I was never really conscious or “ashamed” to be dark.

Nowadays….being the same color as a PS3 is in! Luckily for me….I’m a black ass veteran. Been looking like fresh charcoal for a legit 4 years now…so I BEEEENNNN IN STYLE.

I’ve never thought of myself as super handsome or anything (I’m sort of a problem though. FAKE HUMILITY BE DAMNED!) But when it comes to women , over time I’ve come to understand that you just gotta chill. Don’t do too much. Smile. Laugh. Enjoy yourself and show that you don’t take everything too seriously.Showing some ambition never hurt me either. I guess that’s my approach lol.


first time you thought you were in love – sent by Kwame

What’s funny is Kwame is the first person I told about this moment.

It was recent. like within the last 6-7 months.

The next morning….She asked me if I wanted some tea and I tried a flavor I never had. I watched her make it closely in the kitchen then sipped it excitedly and headed back to her living room. I was sitting on her couch just watching her type away on her Macbook , updating the website she works for. A Miguel video was on (we are both big fans). So we’re sitting there discussing his Art Dealer Chic series of  EPs and I noticed I’m grinning. Like uncontrollably grinning.  I deeply appreciate her not pointing it out and making me feel lame about it. I’m right next to her , smiling watch this video , and watching her work in pure awe.

That’s the first time I felt I was in love. I didn’t know at the time but I felt “holy shit , I’m so happy and nothing is really going on.” Alas , we are no longer together but there was a lot of good in our relationship (or whatever it could be called at that time). I don’t dwell on the bad but the great parts definitely bring a smile to my face.

Until next time folks.

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