What I’m Listening To (Vol. 1)

The entire “Feel Good” album is great (if you follow me on Twitter, you saw me losing my composure about it last night). But this one…THIS ONE! Feels like I’m dancing in a mid 90s house music party (in some small ass jeans) and I’m eyeballing girls like this.

Big fan of BOY/FRIEND. When I first got ahold of Leather Weather , I played it for a good month and a half. Only thing I was listening to really. This song  is a standout off of there. I also spent lots of time at work with my headphones on at work singing this shit , like I can sing. Probably gonna do it again today!

Big fan of JB3. Saw him live at Apple Store Soho this summer and was blown away (also blown away by the ridiculous amount of natural/earthy black women…..looking like freshly made Hershey’s bars). He performed this live and I was completely sold. Great song from a great artist.

Danny Brown fan since the Hybrid *adjusts glasses and scoffs*. Really like this short cut off of “OLD”. Album is damn good too.

FLAMES. Not even describing this….hit play even if you don’t like FBZ.

If you’ve been to a club in the last few years you’ve heard this. Regardless, I accidentally played this off of my phone in a meeting….I stared at my phone like …damn technology BETRAYED ME!

and last but not least…..

Look. I didn’t know what to expect from Mr. Tesfaye on this go-round. HOB is a legendary…Thursday is “ok” (I really mean it’s wack)….Echoes of Silence is a frisbee. Still , I took the plunge because The Weeknd is a talented guy , no matter how you slice it. Then this started playing and my head exploded. Son is emoting on “ninja assassin running over roofs in the dark to come kill you for that late ass library book” keys on the bridge parts. How can I front on him???

By Robby Rav.