So with INCREASING regularity , I find myself on Twitter. Scrolling my timeline. Being unproductive roughly 60 percent of the time. Ive noticed something…..

There is a completely ridiculous amount of arguments about super stupid shit.

Or make a foolish blanket statement about men or women or antelopes or people who eat apples.

I usually wanna argue with you and call you a moron or violate you.

When I originally thought this , the topic of the moment was gun control. Right now its Beyonce lip-syncing. In the morning it will be North Korea threatening to turn us into chalk dust.

Regardless , I’m no longer mad at people’s opinions or thoughts. As long as you have some sort of conviction and actually believe in what youre expressing.

Somewhere along the line it became cool to not give a fuck. In all seriousness….thats NOT cool. So I’m thankful that you even care enough to form an opinion or have a thought. You could just “no comment” everything but youre willing to stick your neck out there to express yourself. Thank you.

Now don’t get me wrong! If youre a troll , or the run of the mill “Devil’s advocate” tweeter , you are a clown. But if you’re being sincere , thanks for being such. Doesn’t just go for the internet either. No one cares. I’m down for you caring , even if we don’t agree.

And stop tweeting about eating butt. You weirdos. I don’t care how you feel about ass play!

Tell me things.

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