dream sellers.

So a week or so ago , I was enjoying wings with my coworkers at a FINE hot wings and alcohol establishment downtown. Naturally , since we are all 20 somethings ….the conversation leapt to sex. I was playing the background but I got drawn in. While I don’t flee from these types of convos , I play it a little safe at first.

My dude basically says he lies to women to get them to give him what he wants. By what he wants I mean the box…. and by the box I mean vagina. and what that means is he…yeah nevermind you get it.

I was just listening , eating these hot wings like it was my last meal,  until he said “Robert does the same thing!”

*snatches needle off the turntable*


I pride myself on not lying to women for dates , sex , extra beef patties at Golden Krust , or Madden before my paycheck comes. But he feels we are kindred spirits. He then goes on to say he “lies to girls he feels he can’t get otherwise….”

Now I’m not mad at him. Do what you gotta do I guess…..dating in 2012 is a very scummy game and nothing really surprises me anymore. Maybe it’s because I’m in a big city? Who knows.

But me personally?? Lying to women isn’t a strategy I can work with. Makes me feel guilty. I don’t like to be deceived….so I don’t do it to anyone else.

With that said….being 100 percent honest will not stop a woman from trying to kill you. So its a Catch 22.

I say all of that to say this. How many people do you think are outright lying for dates/sex/relationships? Are you one of them?? Why do you do it?

Tell me things.

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